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We're the commercial and residential waterproofing experts in Nassau County, Long Island. We can permanently seal cracks in stone and brick work. We perform pointing, caulking, and sealing for all chimney designs. We can even help you waterproof your crawl spaces. Call us for a free estimate on your next waterproofing project.

Effective and lasting waterproofing

It's always a good idea to take preventative measures against water damage. To that end, Smokey Chimney Cleaning & Maintenance offers a full range of brick and stone protection with our waterproof coatings.

Preventative Measures

Keep your fire roaring on rainy days with a rain cap from Smokey Chimney Cleaning & Maintenance.

Let us help you repair your water damaged chimney or fireplace.

Leaky masonry work can cause havoc in your chimney and ruin your fireplace. Call the waterproofing experts at Smokey Chimney Cleaning & Maintenance in Nassau County, Long Island to protect all your stone and brick structures from the elements.

Waterproofing for your chimney

Waterproofing Services

- Waterproofing for residential and commercial structures

-Permanent sealing for cracks

-Pointing and caulking

-Protective coatings


Complete care for your chimney and fireplace

Waterproofing your fireplace and chimney is only one of the many services we offer for your brick and stone structures. Contact us to learn how our chimney cleaning services help to keep you and your family safe.

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