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We fully guarantee all of our work. Call us for all your liner repairs.

Liner sales and installation

Our professional staff can handle all stove repairs and general maintenance. We also provide stove accessories and fireplace inserts. We'll even help you secure a building permit for your stove.

Stove Repairs

Your Stove Headquarters

- Wood and coal stove sales

- Inspections and building permits

- Installations

- Stove repairs and service

- Potbelly stove specialists

- Fireplace insert sales

Wood, coal stoves and so much more

Call or visit Smokey Chimney Cleaning & Maintenance for all your wood and coal stove needs, and find out about our popular fireplace cleaning services and trusted masonry work. We've been serving the fireplaces, chimneys, and potbelly stoves of Nassau and Suffolk Counties for 27 years. You can trust our experience

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Stainless Steel Lining System

Stainless steel liners make any fuel burning system more efficient and your home safer. At Smokey Chimney Cleaning & Maintenance, we install and service all varieties of lining systems.

Call or visit us to learn more.

Call Smokey Chimney Cleaning & Maintenance to correct any gas violation or get your heating system back up to code. For new conversions or pre existing heating system install a liner today.