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One of the most crucial components of your entire chimney and venting system is the chimney liner. The purpose of this liner is to keep the heat of flue gases inside the chimney so that the combustible materials near by such as walls in your home, framing, etc. do not overheat causing a chimney fire. A chimney lining system keeps harmful substances from seeping through the bricks and mortor leaking into your home such as:


  • Carbon Monoxide

  • Moisture

  • Smoke

  • Cresote

  • And other hazardous combustions


A properly function chimney liner is imperative! Smokey Chimney Cleaning will install a secure lining system as a crucial part to the safety and well being of your family and home.


stainless steel liners

Liner Sales and Installation

Stainless Steel Lining System

Stainless steel liners make any fuel burning system more efficient and your home safer. At Smokey Chimney Cleaning & Maintenance, we install and service all varieties of lining systems.


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