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We want to help you keep your fireplace beautiful and safe to use any time of the year. Call us when you need to replace or repair your dampers. We also repair brick or stone cracks in your damaged fireplace and hearth. We specialize in thorough fireplace cleaning to rejuvenating unused fireplaces.

Complete fireplace cleaning and services

Call Smokey Chimney Cleaning & Maintenance for a new, eye-catching fireplace that will bring warmth and light to any room for years to come. We can help you design a new fireplace that fits your home's design.

Fireplace Construction

Get the fireplace you've always wanted. Call Smokey Chimney Cleaning & Maintenance today.


We offer 24 hour emergency services to keep you safe.

From designing and building to cleaning and repairing, trust the experienced professionals at Smokey Chimney Cleaning & Maintenance to handle all of your fireplace needs. We have 24 years of experience building and repairing fireplaces in Nassau County, Long Island.

We're the fireplace professionals

Fireplace Services


- Design new fireplaces

- Install new fireplaces

- Install custom hearths

- Install and repair dampers

- Fireplace cleaning and shoring up

- Repair cracks and execute patchwork

Get your fireplace winter-ready

Call Smokey Chimney Cleaning & Maintenance in Nassau  County Long Island, NY at the end of summer to get your fireplace and chimney ready to safely use during the chilly fall, cold winter, and damp spring in New York. When you call, ask about our masonry services or learn more about how we can waterproof your outdoor brick structures.

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